Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5: Activity 3: Bonus blog

I really think that i would want to go on the Otago bike trail because i got a new bike for my birthday and i love it. I really like to ride on my new bike and it really helps me when i want to do some fun sport that i can do by myself so i think i would like it. but if there are so many steep hills then i might go a bit slow then.

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  1. Hi Bethan ,
    Nice work that u have done all about Otago bike trail and u shared great , amazing info about why do u want to bike the Otago bike trail and i would love to bike the Otago bike trail too one day great work about Otago bike trail keep up the hard work and keep going Bethan:)

    Have a blessed day :)

    From :
    Lillyana G