Monday, 22 January 2018

Summer learning journey: Day two: Bonus blog post

Since I love all food i can't choose just one so here are my to three favourite meals

1. Lasagne. This dish is at the top of the list because I love the way the melted cheese comes off the pastry and the way the mince is perfectly cooked with the peas and carrot. I cannot get enough of the way the top layer of Pastry is so crunchy.

2. Pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? This dish is delicious and super fun and easy to make My fathers pizza's are my favourite dish to make and they have such good combinations. Theres not much more to say now.

3. Butter Chicken. My favourite Indian dish would have to be creamy butter chicken. I love the orange colour it gives off and the way it just inflames my taste buds with an explosion of flavour. I love the way the the chicken is perfectly cooked.

The main reason I love these three dishes more than anything is because I have never ever ever had a bad lasagne pizza or butter chicken.

Summer learning journey: Day two: Activity 2


My dream job would have to be an author, because I have a pretty big imagination and I love to write. I found my love if writing in year 5 and i have wanted to become an author ever since. My stepmother Jayne thinks I could start my carrier soon and i'm hoping to do that.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer learning journey: Day two: Activity 1

By the look of this Wharepuni I think it would have to be very big to fit in everybody in the village. My house has got a hallway that goes down most of the house and 6 of 7 of the bedrooms in the house the toilet is outside of my room and the bathroom is at the end of the hallway. When I look at the Wharepuni I think it reminds me of a Marae and a Marae is like a Maori hall. So I think that my house doesn't look like a wharepuni.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer learning journey:Day one: Bonus blog post

Image result for waka amaI don't think I would like to do waka ama because to be honest I don't think I could paddle that fast without a huge amount of practice, and to be honest I think I like sailing more than paddling. But I definitely enjoy watching waka ama it is very on the edge of your seat.

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Summer learning journey: Day one: Activity 2

Dear Naomi

Image result for wakaIt has been a 2 days since we have left our island sanctuary and to be honest I am feeling a little worried that we might not get to wherever we want to go. I hope we don't get crushed by the waves. us girls don't get very fun jobs but its nice to do everything with all the other girls and women its really fun though. I've been on the water before but this is way more fun than fishing and swimming.
Anyway That s all and hope aotearoa is as good as you've been telling me.


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Summer learning journey: Week 1: Activity 1

Te Ika-a-Māui The summer learning journey gave me a link to a story about a boy called Maui who goes on a fishing trip with his brothers and fishes out the north island of New Zealand. The Summer learning journey told me to find three facts about Maui. This is what I found out.

1. Maui is a very determined boy: He is willing to do anything to prove that he can be as good as his brothers at the least he would even make his nose bleed

2. Maui Can get really angry: In the story his brothers anger him by telling him that they will not let him fish with them because he is too small but they were probably stopping him from fishing with them because he hasn't had any experience and he was younger.

3. Maui was probably often stressed: Because he probably lived in the shadows of his older brothers meaning he was probably always trying to live up to the peoples expectations that he could be as good and maybe even better than his brothers so it was probably stressful when people were comparing him to his older brothers

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Final blog post for 2017 (at school)

Today is my last day to post something on my blog so i am going to say goodbye but don't worry I am going to post in the holidays I will also do the summer learning journey.

I think my favourite things about this year is being first in academic in my school and going to camp ta Kawau island and having an amazing time.

For the holidays i am going to the blue lakes so I will be blogging a lot about that to

Here is the yr 6 Prizegiving item